I love Mini Maestros because...
“I love singing, dancing and playing the instruments”
Amelia, 3

What people are saying about Mini Maestros...

“... it really was one of the best choices I have made for Joel. He so loves the class and all the activities... We sing the songs at home, especially ten little speckled frogs (!) and some of his fave books at home are the ones that have a singing component and he sings along. We also play "band" and pull out all his instruments and we swap and play them. He is truly developing a love for music, in no small part to Mini Maestros! I also love that he will have an understanding and appreciation for music that I never have despite loving listening to it.

The added bonus is that he has met such lovely little friends (they have taken to playing afterwards) and the mums in that Friday group are terrific. It really is a highlight of our week :)

I am trying to enrol him is a little soccer group and they offered me a Friday and I said I couldn't possibly do a Friday! Already have the best commitment in the whole world!!” - Karen


“We were recommended by our Speech Therapist to enrol Charlize into a music group to help with confidence in speaking/singing, and to assist in volume and pitch control with her voice. Her improvement in words and letter pronunciation has come a long way with the help of Mini Maestros. The small groups give her confidence to learn different sounds and project her voice clearly. Thankyou.” - Katrina


“Alexander has an opportunity to gain an understanding of music, instruments, singing, dancing, stories and much more from his instructor in a focused session. He also can interact with other children that are a similar age.” - Patrizia


“Reahn often asks to take either her Mini Maestros song books or various props (ducks, bees, binoculars, etc) to bed. She often plays with the various props until they start to fall apart.” - Tania


“I think the class is wonderful not just for the great way it teaches musical appreciation but for all the other aspects such as sharing, following instructions etc. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for the wonderful way you care for the children.” - Katherine


“I love Mini Maestros because it teaches routine and expression.” - Louis


“My son loves music and Mini Maestros provides a good musical program, good teachers and good structure” - Alan


“Mini Maestros is very interactive, colourful, loads of fun and celebrates life.” - Rebecca


“It teaches me to love music and that makes mummy smile and clap her hands” - Ryan 18 months, quoted by his mummy, Sarah


“It gives Alex an opportunity to play different instruments and concentrate for periods of time and obey instructions. All with a sense of fun, play and rhythm to music.” - Eva


“Both my boys [aged 2 and 3] got more confident and made some friends.” - Jihan


“I love Mini Maestros because it teaches Amelie the basics of pitch recognition and phrasing.” - Damian