I love Mini Maestros because...
“It teaches Amelie the basics of pitch recognition and phrasing.”

Why Mini Maestros?

Children love Mini Maestros

  • Babies and children love singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments and musical games with Mini Maestros.
  • Attractive and entertaining props and instruments stimulate your child's creativity and imagination.
  • our philosophy of "learning through play" ensures children have fun as they learn.

Parents love Mini Maestros

  • Mini Maestros nurtures children's natural curiosity in music.
  • Our richly diverse program introduces children to a wide range of musical experiences.

The Power of Music Education

  • Learning music helps children develop speech and vocabulary, listening skills, motor skills, social skills and cognitive skills.
  • Music education does not just make children more musical; it unleashes their creative powers.

Nurturing Early Learners

Mini Maestros embraces the "Nurturing Early Learners" (the Singapore kindergarten curriculum framework guidelines) as they reaffirm the foundations of our program.